Strategies to relax

Unable to relax? Anxiety could be the cause. Anxiety happens to everyone. It can happen during examinations and job interviews, or when looking down from great heights. Talking to Fresh Path Counselling about your anxiety can improve your wellness. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.

Your first appointment

Making the step to improve your wellness by seeing a counsellor is a big step, and you deserve to be congratulated for making the first appointment.
We understand that your first counselling session can be a nervous and scary experience.

Before your first session, you may like to think about the issue or issues you wish to discuss and make some notes to bring into the counselling session. This will assist you in explaining the matters to your counsellor.

At the start of your first counselling session, your counsellor will go through some important conditions of counselling. If you have been asked to complete a client consent form, please have it ready to ensure that we use as much of your first session talking about your concerns as possible.

In your first session, your counsellor seeks to understand why you have come to see a counsellor at Fresh Path Counselling. We ask you a number of questions about your personal history and current situation. To get the most out of counselling, you need to be open and honest. We understand some things may be difficult for you to talk about, or even embarrassing, but be assured that we care about and understand your concerns.

Be sure to ask questions. You need to let us know what you’re concerned about and what you expect to gain from attending counselling.