Suffered a loss?

Fresh Path Counselling understands you’re grieving from a loss. The loss could be the loss of a loved one, a pet or even a job. We have some detailed information on grief and loss. Unresolved grief from a loss can be detrimental to you longer term. Take action and contact Fresh Path Counselling today to help you process your loss.

Resource center

Our resources section is designed to provide you with examples of the many common concerns people have. Should you have a concern that is not listed, just contact us today to discuss it.

Every client to Fresh Path Counselling is unique and has a personal reason for approaching us. For example, you may be a career-oriented person who has a workplace issue and is suffering from stress. Fresh Path Counselling can discuss your workplace issue professionally and help you to determine strategies to minimise stress and improve your wellbeing.

Feeling anxious or depressed? Fresh Path Counselling can assist you in overcoming anxiety or depression and help you to stop it affecting your life.

Having trouble losing weight? Tried all the latest and greatest methods and fads, and still can’t get anywhere? Fresh Path Counselling can assist you to examine why you can’t lose weight and help you to discover improved wellness.

Procrastinating over a career move? Have a friendly chat with Fresh Path Counselling today. We’re all ears and ready to offer you career guidance to set you off on that perfect career path!

Have you experienced a loss in your life recently, or not so recently? Is that loss still consuming your thoughts? Are you having trouble functioning? Talking with a sympathetic and understanding counsellor at Fresh Path Counselling may be what you need. Loss can continue to affect your life until it is resolved.

Concerned about your sexuality? Do you desperately want to let the real you out and stop hiding behind a different person? Make an appointment today for a professional and confidential chat about your sexuality concerns.

Trying to stop drinking or stop smoking? Addictions can control and destroy your life. Please get help by making an appointment with Fresh Path Counselling today. Think how much better your life and wellness would be without the addiction.

Suffering chronic pain? Constantly popping pills but getting no relief? Read more about pain management and contact us today for an appointment to discuss your concern.

Relationship issues can be a heart breaking. Taking the first steps to improve your relationship is the right thing to do, and Fresh Path Counselling can help you take that first step. We understand relationships and are ready to listen to your relationship concerns.