Telephone Counselling

Some clients find telephone counselling more anonymous than face to face sessions; it gives them the freedom to talk about their concerns without feeling embarrassed. A significant benefit of telephone counselling is the ease of fitting a phone call into your busy schedule as it facilitates out of hours appointment times. Contact us today to make an appointment for telephone counselling.


Are you quick to react?
Do you think and worry about a lot of things? Do you have trouble getting enough sleep at night? If your answer to these questions is “Yes", then you are going through stress. Unlike any other occurrences in your life, stress represents the overall effect of your emotional, physical or mental reactions to certain situations. It is an inevitable state of being in your life.

Sources of Stress
Any existing condition (like a health problem) that leads you to worry also requires you to both react physically and to engage emotionally and is thus a potential source of stress. Such a condition is called a “stressor” that, in the event it cannot be treated immediately, can cause a great deal of damage to your career, family and social life, too.

The Truth about Stress
It will be helpful, once you are in a state of stress, to know how this will affect your life. Relatively speaking, with counselling you will be able to manage and handle stress with grace and eventually spare yourself other stress-related issues, but only if you are determined to free yourself from it. Experts have identified significant ways in which stress affects you. They say that the inappropriate attitude towards a situation can significantly boost the level of stress that you can handle. For instance, many perfectionists and meticulous people make a big deal out of little things. This can naturally cause so much emotional and mental stress that can even make you appear older than your age if it is not brought under control.

Activities to Arrest Stress
Surprisingly, according to experts, there is a type of stress called “eustress” which is helpful for a balanced and exciting life. This is usually felt when you enjoy riding fast rides, like a roller coaster, playing cool games and even when you fall in love. Another helpful tip is to know for a fact that you can actually put an end to your poor reaction to stress. This involves working on your emotional and mental condition to stabilize them and limit your reactions to any circumstances that you are in. This is where Fresh Path Counselling can help you. Make an appointment today to start the process of talking about stress and how to improve your overall wellness by being more stress-free.