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Weight loss

The frustration: your food is waiting for you to eat, yet you are just staring blankly at the plate in front of you. You can’t eat because your mind is filled with worries about gaining additional weight once you touch your food. Then, later on, you find yourself continuously losing weight beyond what is normal because you do not get the right amount of food. Or you just find yourself frustrated because no matter how much you avoid eating, you still do not lose weight.

Losing weight or maintaining weight can be troublesome for many people; it can bring such pain, sadness, anxiety and guilt to an individual that can impact daily living. And worse, it can pose health-related problems. Because of one’s aim to lose weight, most individuals are ignorant of how maintaining continuous weight loss can affect their body. Disorders like anorexia and bulimia can arise in addition to the depression this process can bring. A person should know that in order to function properly, both physically and mentally, one should eat enough food to provide the amount of nutrients needed by the body to perform activities. When the body lacks nutrients, it is more exposed to different diseases, making the immune system very weak. Thus, when this situation occurs, the stomach is not only empty but the mind makes it hard to render rational decisions. On the other hand, when one is overwhelmed by the positive results of a diet, the tendency can be to continue a habit of not eating enough. This is also not good!

True or False Hunger?
Consider some signs so you will know the right time to eat. Likewise, be aware of false hunger! If you are about to eat and realize that you are not really hungry, then do not eat. Wait until your true hunger strikes. This way, you can avoid splurging on food that can contribute to unhealthy weight gain.

Best Weight Loss Medicine: See a Counsellor at Fresh Path Counselling
Problems and issues regarding weight management can be addressed by seeing a counsellor. The counsellor can assist you in establishing your diet plans and setting achievable weight loss goals. Counselling can help in improving your attitude towards your goals and boosting your self esteem as you attain your desired body image. It can also increase an individual’s awareness of why eating healthy is very important. Resorting to weight loss medications is not a healthy solution to your weight loss problems because it can manifest as an addiction. A counsellor can discuss with you different vigorous activities that you can engage in as a healthy means of losing weight. Counselling can enable you to adapt the right attitude to pursue positive activities to lose weight. Communicating with a counsellor is a drug-free way to lose weight and solve your problems. Consult with a counsellor at Fresh Path Counselling today and attain or maintain a healthy mind and body!